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Automatic loading and unloading vehicle_ Precautions for lifting platform


The working principle of mobile elevator is to use hydraulic elevator and electronic integrated controller to facilitate lifting and timely adjust the height. The general elevator is equipped with anti-skid insulating plastic corrugated plate to prevent danger. It is easy to replace, and the overall appearance is elegant, so it is no longer as laborious as lifting a ladder manually, It comes from the fact that it is safe and fast, and it saves time and effort. However, there are a lot of things to pay attention to in the operation of mobile elevators, that is, it is necessary to take off and land with no load before using mobile elevators. It is necessary to check whether the hydraulic system is normal, and then all mobile elevators can be used only after the four legs are stretched out and the degree is corrected before using them, In order to ensure the tranquility, it is also better to avoid accidents if there are few or no people standing on both sides of the mobile lift. In addition, the load on the platform should not be greater than the rated value and should not be violently shaken.


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