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  • 手动装载解决方案
  • 手动装载解决方案

Manual handling solution

  • 什么是手动装载解决方案?想要减轻您的负担吗?对于寻求一种强大而可靠的方法来简化其系统的企业,驰运智能设备的一系列手动装载解决方案可以推动事情的发展。这些解决方案具有滑板和履带装载系统,气动滚轮装载系统和集装箱装载系统,可简化装载和卸载过程,同时提高效率和安全性。


What is a manual handling solution?

Do you want to reduce the burden of your loading and unloading operations?

For logistics enterprises that need to find a simple and efficient solution to load and unload, a series of manual loading and unloading solutions of Cheyun Intelligence can promote the development of your business.

These solutions include sliding rail handling system, sliding chain handling system, pneumatic roller handling system and container handling system, which can simplify the loading and unloading process while improving efficiency and safety.


Why choose a manual handling solution?

Are you looking for a cost-effective manual alternative to automatic loading system?

This is our skateboard and rail handling system.

These solutions are ideal for trucks, vans and containers, which can easily load and unload pallets, pallets, aviation ULDs, barreled goods, large paper rolls, heavy and large machinery, etc.

Take our pneumatic roller handling systems for example. They can be built into the truck floor or pre installed on any flat surface. They are designed to help major airports around the world transfer goods, speed up logistics and simplify handling processes.

For containers, our container handling system provides efficient automatic and manual solutions for cargo handling.


Who should use these solutions?

Chiyun's intelligent manual loading system can be used in standard pallet and aviation logistics companies - our pneumatic roller track is the absolute standard in this market.

The tray and paper reel are handled with the intelligent manual handling system of Chi Yun. This solution avoids the tedious process of using forklift or hydraulic truck, and is safer.

Our slide rail, slide chain and roller rail solutions can provide fast and safe loading and unloading operations for those with limited space or resources, upgrade the existing logistics system, and bring greater and more direct benefits.


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