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  • 拖车滑板

Sliding fork automatic loading and unloading system

  • 什么是拖车滑板?正在寻找一种快速、简单且经济高效的装载和卸载方式?驰运的拖车滑板系统经过完美设计,可自动装载中长期穿梭车。使用长溜冰鞋进行装载和卸载,除了地板上的四条简单轨道外,拖车中没有技术。然后,拖车可以自动卸载,也可以使用传统的叉车卸载。Riserplate溜冰鞋解决方案是一个很好的替代选择,确保您的拖


What is a sliding yoke automatic handling system?

Are you looking for a fast, simple and cost-effective way to load and unload?

Chi Yun's sliding fork automatic loading and unloading system is perfectly designed to automatically load and unload semi trailers.

Long forks are used for loading and unloading. In addition to the four simple tracks on the floor, the vehicle does not need to install a complex conveying system. There is little vehicle transformation and investment. The slightly modified truck can be used for automatic loading and unloading, and can also be compatible with traditional forklift loading and unloading.

The lifting rail solution is a more advanced solution (upgrading product of sliding fork), which can be compatible with forklift or hydraulic truck entering the compartment for operation. The vehicle has better universality.

With the pneumatic system of lifting rail, all loading and unloading are still performed automatically by the sliding fork. However, the "lifting" function originates from the track itself, not the sliding fork itself.

Therefore, you can select multifunctional trucks with automatic loading and unloading function according to your needs.


Why choose sliding fork automatic handling system?

The Cheyun intelligent system is most suitable for the bulk logistics short barge operation with a large truck fleet.

Select the sliding fork automatic handling system to provide:

100% automation at the end of the production line for unmanned operation

Load and unload any pallet cargo within 3 hours

Minimize product damage caused by automation

100% safe during bulk (regular) handling


Who should use the sliding fork automatic handling system solution?

  • Chiyun intelligent sliding fork automatic loading and unloading system is specially designed for all customers with mass logistics shuttle cars, which is more suitable for mass distribution, such as beer industry and daily chemical industry.

  • Any customer who wants to load 30 pallets or 30 tons of goods in 4 minutes requires a particularly fast turnover speed.

  • It is widely used in fast moving consumer goods, beverages, food, packaging and many other industries.


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