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  • 动力货物滚筒系统
  • 动力货物滚筒系统

Pneumatic roller handling system

  • 什么是滚轮轨道装载解决方案?想要快速转移您的空运货物托盘、空运货物集装箱或块状托盘?使用Hydraroll气动滚轮轨道减轻负载!通过我们的气动操作上升和下降滚轮轨道解决方案,我们将任何托盘装载的处理转变为简单,简单和安全的操作。


What is the solution of pneumatic roller handling system?

Want to load and unload your air cargo pallet, air cargo container or standard cargo pallet quickly?

Reduce the load with Chi Yun intelligent pneumatic roller track!

With our pneumatically operated up and down roller track solutions, we transform the handling of any pallet load into simple, fast and safe operations.

Chiyun Intelligent provides roller track solutions for trucks, trucks and semi trailers as well as warehouse floors. You can choose our built-in air floating roller system, a customized solution for truck and semi-trailer floors, or our modular roller system for retrofitting and upgrading vehicles and warehouses.


Why choose pneumatic roller loading and unloading system?

Chiyun's intelligent pneumatic roller track is famous all over the world in the following aspects:

Faster loading and unloading of air cargo, standard pallets or any special heavy loads (such as aircraft engines, large machines, etc.);

During transportation, the roller table is all lowered below the carriage floor, and the goods will not move forward or backward, so that it has 100% safety;

Effectively reduce the safety risk of drivers when loading and unloading from the rear of the compartment;

Reduce costs because it replaces forklift operations.


Who should use this solution?

Chi Yun's intelligent pneumatic roller track is used worldwide for:

A transportation company that provides air highway feeder service. Logistics companies that store and handle aviation ULDs.

Large fleet owner, a company that can load and unload a large number of standard pallets without forklift or pallet truck entering the carriage. For example:

  • Transportation of pallets from plants without dock platforms

  • Transport pallets in (expensive) refrigerated cars. The owner hopes to avoid forklift entering the compartment.

  • Any fleet owner with foresight to break the traditional loading and unloading: namely, a company that cancels forklift or pallet carrier and is willing to use fast systems to solve loading and unloading problems.


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