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Chain plate automatic loading and unloading system

  • 什么是移动式地面输送机解决方案?将货物从工厂运送到仓库?使用我们的移动式地板输送机解决方案,使装卸安全、轻松、快速。移动地板专为移动任何托盘、非托盘或板条箱货物而设计,是一种重型、灵活的板条输送带系统。


What is the chain plate automatic loading and unloading system?

Need to transport goods from the factory to the warehouse?

Use our mobile floor solution (also known as chain plate automatic loading and unloading system) to make loading and unloading safe, easy and fast.

The mobile floor is designed to move any pallet, non pallet or crate cargo, and is a heavy and flexible slat conveyor system.

Dock it directly to the production line conveyor, or use a forklift and AGV to place the goods on the conveyor belt.

No matter what your use scenario is, the global experience of Cheyun Intelligent will provide you with a perfectly integrated modular design for your trucks or warehouses.


Why mobile flooring solution?

The CYLOADING mobile floor system is most suitable for the bulk short barge transportation business with a fleet of small special purpose trucks.

Choosing a mobile floor system provides:

100% automation at the end of the production line for unmanned operation

Loading and unloading of any cargo within 3 minutes, including pallet, wine barrel, paper roll, bulk package or any other non pallet cargo of any size

Minimize product damage caused by automation

Ensure 100% safe operation during large batch (regular) loading and unloading


Who should use these mount solutions?

  • Cheyun intelligent mobile floor system is specially designed for enterprises with a large number of logistics shuttle cars and small dedicated freight fleets.

  • Any enterprise that wants to load pallets, oil drums, cartons, paper rolls, distillers' grains or bulk packaging of any size within 3 minutes.

  • It is widely used for rapid loading and unloading of tire and wheel components in the wine bucket and automobile industry.


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