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  • 模块化辊道系统
  • 模块化辊道系统

Modular roller table system

  • What is a modular roller loading solution?Simplify the loading and unloading process. Speed up the loading and unloading of goods. Up to 30 tons of cargo can be loaded and unloaded without forklifts.


What is a modular roller loading solution?

Simplify the loading and unloading process. Speed up the loading and unloading of goods. Up to 30 tons of cargo can be loaded and unloaded without forklifts.

Our modular roller system is ideal for air cargo, ULD containers and standard pallets, and is designed to help major airport logistics companies around the world efficiently load and unload cargo.

Due to the 100% modular nature of the device, the modular roller plate can be mounted on any flat surface. From the truck floor to the warehouse or factory, just choose from a range of standard sizes, and your system can be in place within a week. Easy to use.

Modular solutions are always a safe and reliable choice.

Whether you are loading air cargo or pallet: lift the roller and push the cargo to move along the roller plate. It is so simple to complete loading and unloading.


Why choose a modular roller handling solution?

  • Easy and fast installation:

  • Convert any truck to a roller car within hours

  • Transfer ULD from any warehouse to the air cargo handling center within one day.

  • Roll your air cargo in and out safely without using a forklift.

  • When you want to use the roller plate, raise the roller with one key. During transportation, the roller drops below the floor of the carriage and the goods are safely placed on the floor of the carriage, which is much safer than the ordinary roller strip.

  • Compared with the standard roller system, the cargo driving force required by the pneumatic double roller track is reduced by 20%, making it easier for workers.

  • The double roll design and smaller roof opening reduce the falling debris by more than 30%, which can greatly reduce maintenance work and effectively extend the life of the lifting airbag.

  • The automatic pneumatic lowering roller system brings 100% safety: floating up during loading and unloading/automatic lowering during transportation.

Who should use this handling solution?

The pneumatic roller track of Chiyun intelligent equipment is used worldwide for:

A transportation company that provides air cargo highway branch service. The company that transports air cargo from the airport, stores and handles air cargo containers.

Large fleet owners can load and unload a large number of standard pallets without forklift or pallet truck entering the truck. For example:

Transporting pallets from buildings without dock platforms

Transport pallets in (expensive) refrigerated trailers. The owner hopes to avoid forklift entering the compartment.


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