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Automatic loading and unloading vehicle_ What is the universal loader


It comes from a fork lift truck, which can be called a forklift, a forklift, or a universal loader. It is mounted on a tire chassis truck, which is mainly used to stack goods by means of lifting forks. Its basic structure is similar to that of a gantry crane, but also comes from the fact that the span of the loading and unloading bridge is larger, which is not only applicable to railway vehicle loading and unloading sites, In addition, it can carry out multiple operations of ship, vehicle and yard. It is usually one machine with multiple functions, so it is mainly used for loading and unloading bulk cargo, and multi grab operation. The m belt conveyor, usually refers to the belt conveyor, can also be called the belt conveyor, so it is a kind of machinery for continuous transportation of goods, namely, the n belt bucket elevator, which can continuously and vertically lift the powder It is a conveying machine for particles or small pieces of materials, and it is a grab bucket installed on the tape or joint debugging. It can be driven by the roller or chain wheel, so it is used to pick up materials at the lower part of the elevator, and throw materials out by gravity or centrifugal force when it is lifted to the upper part.


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